December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon Memories

Reggae Marathon Memories

If you’ve run the Reggae Marathon more than once, you probably came back because you had a memorable experience. My most memorable experience was my ninth year. To say the least,  the Reggae Marathon is not always my best half marathon. I don’t always have enough time to acclimate to the heat and my training leading up to the race isn’t always the best it could be. But my ninth, year, I had a breakthrough.

In my ninth Reggae Marathon, I fueled well at the Pasta Party, got a good night’s sleep, and was well hydrated. I knew the stars were aligned for a good race. And in 2018, I had the best Reggae Marathon that I ever had. I had a good PR! It felt good to finally have a good race in the place that had become my second home. It only took nine tries, but I got it and it felt good.

If you have run the Reggae Marathon more than once, let us know in the comments what it your favorite memory.

See you in December!