December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon Memories of Negril

I have so many positive memories of Negril. Some go back to a ‘kinder gentler time’, or at least that’s how my memory chooses to retain them while others are more recent.  All are connected by the 7 miles of white sand that make Negril a world-class beach.  I’m something of a beach bum and sun worshipper; adding the Reggae Marathon to the Negril vacation experience is the icing on the cake.

Do you have any favourites?  If so, send them to us at [email protected].  Here are some of my memories of Negril.

Supper with Bob and Debbie on the beach.  Bob is with Washington Running Report and he and his wife have made Negril a regular habit and a tireless promoter of the Reggae Marathon and having fun. We first met Bob and Debbie in 2009.  Last year on our first night in Negril, tired after the travel we had supper with them right on the beach.

While it rained at the Pasta Party it wasn’t enough to dampen the Reggae Marathon spirit.  As the downpour hit we found ourselves jammed under a thatched hut beside the tennis courts.  The highlight was listening to the kids from Heinz Simoitsch School (who were running in the Reggae Marathon as a fund raiser) singing their lungs out.

Saturday morning walking to the start with our new friend Niida who had travelled all the way from Japan to run in the Reggae Marathon.  He spoke virtually no English and we spoke no Japanese but we managed to communicate through the language of running.  We keep in touch and hope he will come back to Negril this December.

We’ve heard from a number of you (particularly on the Reggae Marathon Fan page) of running with family.  I had that chance in the 1/2 marathon last December with one of my sons. His youthful exuberance combined with my seasoned experience got us to the finish line together.  OK, in reality he could have completed it much more quickly but the photo op was…priceless!

After the race and the fantastic awards ceremony and concert on the beach the party continued at our hotel when we met up with my cousins from Kingston (one of whom ran the Reggae Marathon 10K) for some partying.  And party I did:  Sally found it extremely hilarious how I “fell down” walking out of the water.  It was a wave, I swear.

Reggae Marathon 2011…are we there yet?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

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