December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon Running Headgear: What were they thinking?

‘Unique’ running headgear must help you run faster.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  How else to explain the unique headgear that these runners displayed at Reggae Marathon 2011. Hmmm…maybe I should consider some new headgear for Reggae Marathon 2012.
These guys from Belgium had their headgear on before the Pasta Party, during the Pasta Party, during their run on Saturday and in the finishers area after the Reggae Marathon.  Now cialis american online pharmacy that’s determination.

Music:  check.  Race number:  check.  Antlers:  check.  Antlers?  That’s the way to stand out in the crowd at Reggae Marathon.  Love ’em!
Burt Carlson is a seasoned runner who has raced in countless marathons.  He can teach us younger folk a thing or two about running, dancing and life.  He wore his trademark ‘Reggae Marathon’ running cap.  It works to keep both his head and neck covered.  Good going Burt.  Oh, and the Red Stripe doesn’t hurt either.
Can you tell who is hiding under the peak of this Jamaica Puma cap?  Hint:  she was a presence around the finish area throughout the entire Reggae Marathon.
These guys really have the reggae vibe.  They understand that Negril is the ‘Capital of Casual’.
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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy
For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  Photos courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography.