December 8, 2024
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Restaurants in Negril

Restaurants in Negril

When you come to Negril for the Reggae Marathon, whether you are staying at an All-Inclusive hotel or not, be sure to get out and enjoy some of the local restaurants. Some restaurants you can find beach side and have a nice sunset/moon view while you dine, others are across the street and don’t sleep on them as you can some gems on the other side.

If you can, there are also some great local spots in town too. I still remember my first trip to Negril. My goal was to have some jerk chicken. I asked around and an overwhelming answer to “where is the best jerk chicken?” was Sweet Spot in town. And everyone was right. It was great jerk chicken.

For dinner, if there is one place I make it a point to go to each for dinner is the Rockhouse. This is another restaurant that I discovered on my first trip to Negril and have been there each year since. And I get the same dish each time to, the coconut chicken.  Sometimes I get an appetizer and dessert too but my go to is always the coconut chicken.

For those who have been to Negril, do you have a favorite place to eat? I know there are still so many more restaurants to check out. I guess I need to stay in Jamaica for at least a month to try all of them!

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And yes, the pasta party is another great dinner that I love to enjoy too!