December 8, 2024
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Run to Eat

Run to Eat

Do you run to eat? Or do you eat to run?

I’ve got running friends who love to eat…and run to work off their indulgences.  Cupcakes anyone?  I’m in this camp most of the time, running to eat my salty snacks. And I’ve  been known to kick back on the beach after Reggae Marathon with a cold Red Stripe…or few!  I figure I’ve earned the treats.  On those days when I’ve taken it too far with too much good food, I put in a longer, harder run the next day to ‘run off’ those delicious extra calories.

Then there are those runners who eat to run.  I fall into this camp as well…I think we all do when we’re training hard for a special race.  Counting the calories, balancing carbohydrates with protein, reducing or eliminating alcohol and definitely not eating any salty snacks!  And aren’t we all guilty of calling food ‘Fuel’?  I certainly have and that doesn’t go over well at dinner!  Just a warning guys!

Then there is eating while on a run.  For most distances up to and including the Marathon, a combination of electrolyte replacement drink, water and gels does the trick.  Experiment before race day though…you don’t need any nasty surprises mid-race.  And watch the balance.  Electrolytes compensate for the salts you lose through sweating but too much will have undesirable effects.  In Jamaica for Reggae Marathon this is important to make note of.  Take advantage of water and electrolyte drinks that are available at each Aid Station.  And we have Aid Stations at the Start/Finish and at every mile along the entire course.

How to fuel up…ah, I mean eat well…as a runner.  Here is a website that has some good information of nutrition and fitness:  Eat 2 Run.  Eat well, run strong, keep it balanced.

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