December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Runners loving the Reggae Marathon experience

Michelle, Rod, Jeff and Sheila all ran in the ½ Marathon at the Reggae Marathon.  They all had a great time and shared their experiences:

Michelle H. finished 2nd. Her email really captured the spirit of Saturday:

I really enjoyed the race.  Was super pleased with my performance since I suffered bruised knees after a too-close encounter with a cab. Interesting experience over all that is for sure. This is my second year at this race and both years I have gotten 2nd place in the half marathon.  Third time’s the charm? Flights were cheap and it was easy to get to Mo Bay. Jamaica was fun… wish I was still there. The race start was the best part with Tiki torches and the steel drums pounding…didn’t really need to warm up because my heart was already racing with excitement.

Rod S. finished in the top 10 in his age group:

We landed at BWI 7:30 pm Monday in the cold, but it does not matter because my head is still in Jamaica. What a GREAT TIME I had and looking forward to returning in 2011. The Reggae Marathon was all that you said it would be:  the people, accommodations, weather, food & the race were really good.  I have never experience a race starting like this one did and how cool were the drums. I ran the 1/2 marathon and it was so much fun.  The excitement of the reggae marathon is something every runner or non-runner should experience.

Jeff and Sheila R. from Pennsylvania came in 7 seconds apart:

We had a great time running the 1/2 for the 4th year in a row.  We figured that when the rain stopped about 5:14AM, it was a sign that all would be well. This year we especially liked the ice water drench in the tent after the finish line.  We met the marathon winner there, as he passed us in Bob’s Mile. We plan to go again in 2011.  Reggae Marathon is our favorite race of the year.  Flat course, LOTS of water and sport drinks, great scenery and the people are really friendly.  We stay at the host hotel, so getting to the start is really easy, but in the past we have stayed elsewhere and the bus system to get us to the start worked well too.  Getting there was easier this year than the past.  Direct flight from Philly, only 30 minutes through Customs and the road to Negril is continually improving.  The best part of course is hanging around on the beach for a couple days after the race 🙂

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Note:  Featured photo courtesy of Florida Running