Runnerz in Negril

Lisa Laws and the Reggae Runnerz made quite the splash in Negril at the 2018 Reggae Marathon.  What began with a handful of runners from New York has blossomed into a 500+ group of walkers, runners and cheerleaders who hit Negril every December for their annual end-of-year ‘Runcation’.  Many are multiple-timers who put Reggae Marathon in their Calendars every year and others are first-timers who have only heard the stories and want to join the fun.  Either way, the Negril beach lights up about a week before the Reggae Marathon race weekend with Reggae Runnerz looking for personal bests, achieving personal goals and just plain having fun!  Lisa, another year well done!

Partying before Reggae Marathon!

Now that the partying is over, it’s time to run!

Reggae Runnerz play, walk and run hard!  And smile almost every step of the way.  In just over 10 months we get to do it all again at the 2019 Reggae Marathon, Sunday, December 8.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy