December 8, 2024
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Running after a Break

Running after a Break

For most of us, we take some time off from running for one reason or another. Some people choose to take time off after a big race. Other may take time off from running due to an injury. And those of us who live in colder weather may choose to take time off from running when the weather is just too cold, and you don’t want to wear multiple layers of clothing! Whatever the reason, most runners take time off every now and then.

If you’ve been injured, it’s best to follow the advice from a medical professional on the return to running. If the return is too fast or too aggressive, the injury to present itself again. That is the last thing that any runner wants to endure.

If you are looking for additional information on that return to running after an injury, check out this article that was featured by Strava. How to Return to Running after an Injury

If the break was due to personal choice, it is also good to start back at a moderate pace. Jumping right back in could also lead to injury. If you have a race to train for, find an online training plan or hire a coach to make sure you are running the miles necessary for your goal. And when in doubt, make sure you are listening to your body.

Keep on running!