December 8, 2024
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Running and Breathing

Running and Breathing

I’ll admit it, when I first started running, my breathing was all over the place. (My pace was too, but that’s a whole other blog.) When I ran the San Francisco half marathon with my friend Adam, he reminded me to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’s easy to breathe like that when you have someone there to remind you of every few minutes. But for those times that you don’t have someone by your side learning how to breathe properly and efficiently it takes some practice. And still to this day, I replay that race in my head when I know that I am struggling with my breathing.

Reggae Marathon 2018

Remember, it’s most important to make sure that you are getting enough oxygen while you are running. And it can be difficult for even the most seasoned runners. In the article linked below, there are some pointers that will help you with your breathing. There is also a video that will show you how to do some of the exercises. So take a look and see how you can become better at breathing while running!

Learning to Breathe properly while Running

Keep on running (and breathing!)

And have you and your friends registered for the 2021 Reggae Marathon? It’s not too late. Remember, this year, you have the option to run it in person in Negril, or you can run it virtually like we all did in 2020!

2021 Reggae Marathon Registration