December 8, 2024
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Running in Tottori, Japan

Running in Tottori, Japan this past weekend was all about the Tottori Marathon.  Here’s the letter from Japan:

Dear All,

The 2017 Tottori Marathon took place this past weekend in Japan.  The event was very successful with over 4,000 runners including 22 overseas runners.

The Reggae Marathon representative Mr. Courtney Jarrett, a wood carver from Westmoreland, did his best in the chilly weather and completed the event in 3:49:11Mr. Jarrett was well taken care of in Tottori by staff of the Tottori Prefecture and he was most appreciative. 

Below is the newspaper article of March 14 Tottori publication showing Mr Jarrett presenting Governor Hirai with a wood carving.  In the article Mr Jarrett said : “It’s a memorable trip and would do my best to promote Tottori and Jamaica”Mr Jarrett also took part in media interviews post race, holding the Jamaican flag.

At the race, the JTB/Reggae Marathon Booth displayed the Bob Marley trophy won by Mr. Taniguchi (male Marathon winner ) last December at Reggae Marathon along with his photo.  Regretfully, Mr. Taniguchi was unable to participate last weekend due to a torn muscle.  The Booth also showcased the best of Jamaica & Reggae Marathon with Jamaica collateral, Reggae Marathon flyers & bags.

Reggae Marathon is very appreciative of all the efforts by everyone who helped to make this memorable occasion possible.

Very best,

CaptureUntil next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)