December 3, 2023
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Running Inspiration

Whew!  What a great weekend.  Not only a great Opening Ceremony (the Jamaican Team looked great in their Olympic Uniforms) but some exciting action in the pool as well with Alia Atkinson qualifying for the Women’s Backstroke that goes today.

After spending much of the weekend glued to the TV and my Smartphone following the London 2012 Olympics, I didn’t need much motivation to go running this morning.  Still it is always nice to be inspired.  Plus I’ll need strength to get through August 4 and 5 watching all the action around the Men’s 100 M.  So in the spirit of all things ‘inspirational’ here are some recent favourites:

Business Consultants

It took me a long time to finally figure out that I was only competing with ‘me, myself and I’.  I still fall back every once in a while (Remember the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge?…3rd place in a 3 person race still rankles a bit).  But by and large, I only run now to keep the ‘little voice inside my head’ quiet.  Shhh…don’t tell anyone…they’ll send me to the crazy house!

Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes

Desire, passion.  Dedication, obsession.  Call it what you will but there is no one who will get you up in the morning to go out running except yourself.  Listen to the voice;  heed it!

Daily Run Quotes

I’m not a fan of indoor running on treadmills.  I know at some times of the year braving the cold, icy outdoor road conditions is foolish but I’ve found that my gym is the best gym!

South Fulton Running Partners

Just as life is not a destination but a journey (and this is NOT a dress rehearsal) the same with running.  Enjoy the scenery; savour the run;  run as if it may be your last.

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