December 8, 2024
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Running … Morning, noon or night

Silhouette of person running up hill

Running morning, noon or night

Morning, noon or night … When’s the best time to run?

Morning. The benefits of running in the morning are many but the biggest one is that running in the morning wakes up your metabolism.  And keeps it burning at a higher rate after.  If you’re looking to loose weight, getting up early to run and following up with a healthy breakfast is one of the surest ways to achieve your goal.  Here are some other tips and suggestions:  Running in the morning.

Noon.  Running at noon has one big benefit:  It improves your work performance.  Although your body is more awake than in the early morning, there’s no science to prove that your running performance peaks at noon hour. But running at noon breaks up the day and will energize your afternoon.  More insights on time-of-day running:  Morning, noon or night running.

Evening.  Performance!  There’s been enough empirical evidence that’s shown that physical performance is highest in late afternoon, early evening.  Body temperature is at it’s peak, muscles are most supple.  A run that feels tough in the morning will feel looser and easier in the evening.  The tough part is having the discipline to go running after a long day at work.  That’s where running clubs and groups come in.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint your running friends now would you?  For more:  Running in the evening.

So whether you go running morning, noon or night, the most important thing is to get running!

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