December 8, 2024
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Running tips from Carrie Tollefson: Mental Preparation

I will always be amazed at how much running is a mental exercise.  Don’t get me wrong, hard and smart physical training is very important in achieving personal results.  But mental training delivers maximum performance.

In 2009 in Negril after a solid year of physical preparation I ran my first marathon at Reggae Marathon.   I had trained hard.  I took advantage of all the training tips, put in the long slow distance runs and diligently did my speed work.  I ran with a running group whose founder had run the Boston Marathon a number of times. I picked his brain on what to expect in the full marathon.  I visualized the different stages of the race and especially of crossing the finish line.  After all that, I still got to the start line that morning cialas with apprehension: did I have the mental toughness to finish the Reggae Marathon?

Carrie Tollefson, who raced and won the 10K at last December’s Reggae Marathon recently put together a video about about what she does to prepare mentally.  While she is an Olympic-level athlete, what she shared can be applied to mid-pack runners like me.  And while it may be a long way to Reggae Marathon 2012, it’s never too early to start working on your mental state of mind.  Take a look:

Thanks Carrie.  See you at Reggae Marathon 2012.

And yes, I did finish my first Reggae Marathon in 2009.  It took longer than I expected and I kept my wife anxious waiting at the finish but I crossed the finish line with a smile.

Until next time…

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For more information, check out the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson. For more about Carrie Tollefson, check her web site, CTolleRun.