December 8, 2024
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Stephanie Celebrates 30 in Negril

Stephanie Theis from Luxembourg celebrates turning 30 in Negril at Reggae Marathon this December.  Now that’s the way to celebrate a milestone birthday!

I’m from Luxembourg, a very small country in the heart of Europe next to Germany, Belgium and France. I can speak English, French an German.  I’ve been running for two and a half years now. During this time I’ve run some half Marathons in Luxembourg, Germany and France…I think about 10 so far.  I also do also obstacle running. That’s why I also do a lot of muscle and strength training.

I started running because I like being outside in the forest or nature. You can also run on the treadmill but for me it’s different. I can free my mind best when I run through the woods.

I was in Negril 3 years ago and i just loved the Jamaican mentality.

I love Usain Bolt…what a man…what a talent…what a runner!

I love jerk chicken.

I love the sundown at Rick’s Café and jumping off the cliffs.

I loved getting up early just to see the Jamaican sunrise before breakfast while walking along the beach.

These are things we don’t have in Luxembourg. In fact I always told myself doing something special or crazy before I turn 30 years old…so that’s it…I fly to Jamaica to run the Reggae Half Marathon before I turn 30 years old on December 22 this year.  I’ll stay in Jamaica for 12 days and my father and his wife (they married 3 years ago in Negril) will join me on Sunday evening after the marathon.”

Stephanie we have something else in common:  We are both from small countries, but we Mighty!  See you in Negril December 2!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)



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