December 8, 2024
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Summer of 2016 Re-cap

What a summer! Weather, running, Rio. It seemed that every weekend was packed with action.  And now with the kids heading back to school, we’re looking forward to fall…and the countdown to Reggae Marathon December 3 in Negril.  Here’s our summer of 2016 re-cap:

13563205_694353724036690_1921791207_nHere at Reggae Marathon our Facebook family is pretty special.  You’re not shy about sharing your stories and excitement and we love that!  We especially love hearing about why you’re coming to Negril.  Earlier this summer we heard from Penelope North.  She’s a runner who after suffering a serious injury was told she’d never walk again much less run. It took a while but showing the determination that runners have, she’s not only running again, she’s coming back to Jamaica this December for her first Reggae Marathon:  My First Reggae Marathon. Truly inspiring!  We’re looking forward to meeting Penelope at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party Friday night…and running with her on Saturday morning.

Reggae Marathon DreamBack in 2001 things were pretty much the same in Negril as they are today: The white, sandy beach stretched for miles;  Hotels hugged the shore line; Palm trees and warm breezes complemented the sunny days.  Runners gathered at 5:15 am on the first Saturday in December for the very first Reggae Marathon event.  And like that 15 years flew by.  This December 3 we celebrate Reggae Marathon Sweet 16:  Reggae Marathon:  15 years in the Making.


Paul Struggles in ReggaeIt may be something in the water…or maybe it’s the food.  Something about Reggae Marathon grabs runners and keeps them coming back year after year. We hear lots of stories from Reggae Marathoners who’ve met friends from all over the world and meet up in Negril to catch up, enjoy a beach vacation and run of course. That’s what I look forward to year-after-year.  Here’s Paul’s story. This December 3 makes it his 9th consecutive Reggae Marathon:  My 9th Reggae Marathon in a row.  We’re looking forward to seeing the 2016 version of your topless photo Paul.

We’re 90 ish days away from Reggae Marathon Sweet 16.  We can hardly wait to meet up with you all.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)