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First week into the new year…time for some motivation

Early morning running in January.  In the dark.  In the cold.  The weather!  It’s been challenging to run outside across the US, Europe and Canada.  And with the frigid temperatures, dangerous too…be careful! Some mornings it takes a little extra motivation and inspiration to get out and run (or hit the treadmill inside). These are some inspiring and motivating running quotes from my f ...[Read More]

Musings on Reggae Marathon 2012

6 days in paradise.  That sums up my experience last week in Negril for Reggae Marathon 2012.  From the road trip to to Negril, to the Pasta Party/Race Day combo to the vacation time on the beach after, it was truly a spectacular running vacation.  Here are some miscellaneous musings: Race Director Frano and his entire team of tireless volunteers did it again!  From the prompt 5:15 am start (12 ye ...[Read More]

Smiling faces at Reggae Marathon 2012

Perfect conditions for Reggae Marathon 2012.  Cool morning, low humidity for the start; sunshine, coconuts, Red Stripes post-race.  And of course the dash into the Caribbean right after.  Yes, there were lots of smiling faces after last Saturday’s Reggae Marathon in Negril. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ++++++ For more information check the Reggae Ma ...[Read More]

1 Day to Reggae Marathon: Pasta Party Tonight!

Starting at 5:30 pm this evening, catch me at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex for the ‘World’s Best Pasta Party‘.  I’ll be wearing the cool 2012 Reggae Marathon T Shirt … and the walking cast on my right foot.  Should be easy to spot me.  Make sure to say hi. For runners the cost of the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party is included in your race registration fee.  Fo ...[Read More]

How to get around the road closures for Reggae Marathon 2012

Reggae Marathon runs along the Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril this Saturday, December 1.  To accommodate that, the road is closed from early morning Saturday.  To help get you to where you need to be, here are all the details on the race-day transportation (included below is the full course map): The Reggae Marathon race route has been configured as a double-loop on Norman Manley Boulevard from ...[Read More]

10 Days to Reggae Marathon: What to look forward to

Negril isn’t called ‘The Capital of Casual‘ for nothing.  Normally is a laid back place to really relax and enjoy the terrific Jamaican vibe.  But for a few days every year, the pace picks us in Negril.  This year, the fun and excitement begins November 29 when the Reggae Marathon crew rolls into Negril.  Here’s what to expect at Reggae Marathon 2012 which runs this year on ...[Read More]

14 Days to Reggae Marathon: Are we there yet?

The question that drove my parents crazy! Just over 2 weeks to go now to Reggae Marathon, the race that caps off 2012. Lots of excitement order cialis online in Jamaica’s world in 2012.  From the 50th Anniversary of Independence to the thrill of the Olympics in London, there’s been a lot to celebrate.  And now just 2 weeks to go to Frano sending us off on Saturday, December 1 from Long ...[Read More]

4 weeks today we line up for Reggae Marathon 2012

Yes the countdown has begun.  At least in my household. 5:15 am Saturday, December 1 at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril for the 12th running of Reggae Marathon. We’ve been training hard all year, planned our travel, booked our hotels and canada pharmacy talked about Reggae Marathon to the point where our non-running friends have tuned us out.  After a short night’s sleep after the Reggae ...[Read More]

Inspired Running … in Time for Reggae Marathon

With just over 30 days to go to Reggae Marathon I can already hear the flight attendant’s voice, “Welcome to Jamaica” as the plane touches down in Montego Bay!  OK, maybe that’s a little obsessive.  Let’s keep that between us…but it does get me through the day. Also helping are these inspirational running quotes from Gibson’s Daily Run Quotes.  Some are fu ...[Read More]