December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Team Lipstick at the Reggae Marathon: train hard, race hard, have fun

Look out for the Team Lipstick gang at the Reggae Marathon Dec 4.  They’ll be competing in the marathon and will be in Negril from November 28 for a co-ed training camp at the Rockhouse Hotel and Spa in the west end of Negril. 

Team Lipstick was founded by Laura Cozik in 2008 and is based in New York City. She founded the all female group to encourage novice through elite-level female athletes to thrive within an environment created specifically for them. It has grown to become the largest and most successful all female triathlon team in New York City with chapters in Washington DC and New Jersey. 

“Our goal is never merely to cross a finish line, but to work for it, do it right, and give it all we’ve got” says Laura.  “The very nature of our ‘sorority’ creates a non-intimidating, safe, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental setting” she adds.

Laura is also Athletic Director for the CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge, responsible for training Dr. SanjayGupta, his CNN staff, and viewers from across the country for the sport of triathlon. Laura’s background includes 20 years of dancing, 20 years as a fitness leader, 10 years as a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion. Since 2006, she has also been an active triathlete. 

Laura was published in New York Magazine’s “Best of New York” as one of the city’s top fitness instructors, as well as in Competitor Magazine for her accomplishments with Team Lipstick.  In 2011, Team Lipstick will launch in Florida, California, Chicago, and thanks to their ride with Lance Armstrong this past summer…Austin, Texas!

Team Lipstick is unique in its approach to developing talented, knowledgeable, motivated female athletes. The performance of each athlete excels within their distinctive environment, high quality programming and signature personal attention.  Laura adds, “We want to win our way, surrounded by like minded women in hot outfits that rock!”

Look out for Team Lipstick at the Reggae Marathon this December.  You’ll have no trouble spotting them!

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