December 3, 2023
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The Best Part of Reggae Marathon

What’s the best part of the Reggae Marathon Experience?  Here are the responses from some Reggae Runnerz from last December:

Ineaka: The ability to connect with so many like minded individuals across the country. It wasn’t just about the race but the unity.

Lisa:  The beach… And.. Endless rum punch

Whitnie:  Time with friends and fam (my hubby did the 10k too) and chilling on beach

Michelle:   Swiming in those healing waters after doing a half and being able to go on all day excursion to the black river & YS falls, AND the BEACH PARTY.

Cassandra:  The BEACH!!! I did not wear any clothes the entire time I was there, except on race day! Bikinis every day, all day!!!!

Arleen:  Sunset cruise! Loved being out on the water and walking on the beach at sunset

Noemi:   I also enjoyed hanging with my running friends (and meeting new ones) doing non- running activities. The race was such a small part of the overall trip.

Jenita:   Favorite part?? I have to pick one part? Good lawd…I guess when it’s all said and done my favorite part was meeting other melanin-kissed runners from all over. When I first started running I was one of few black women. When I travel I’m sometimes the lone chocolate ranger. So it was cool to meet so many other fit-minded, adventurous souls.

Kimberly:  Relaxing on the beach, was everything! Meeting so many positive fun new people and zipline. It was sooo scary but I’m glad I didn’t chicken out. Also loved tubing and passing around the Rum Punch and ice


The best part of Reggae Marathon? Well…it starts with a run…

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)