December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

The Costume Contest is Back!

The Costume Contest is Back!

Last year, the Reggae Marathon debuted a costume contest and it is back again. The winner will receive a complimentary entry to the 2024 Reggae Marathon. So if you want you want to dress like a unicorn, do it! Feel like dressing head to toe in the colors representing your home country while carrying the flag, it’s encouraged. Find that tutu, and pack it in your suitcase now so you don’t forget it.

Let’s take a look back our winner from the 2022 Reggae Marathon- Gary from New South Wales. He dressed up as a traffic cone! Read more below from our Q & A with Gary.

What inspired your Reggae Marathon costume?

I saw the email from yourselves saying that it was also a fancy dress race and as I was going to run / walk the half marathon I thought, why not   That same day I was donating some items to a charity shop and the costume was in there, so I had to have it.  I did complain to the staff that I only came in to donate and not to spend any money.

Do you regularly wear costumes while running?

This is the first time that I have worn a costume and it was very hot.

Anything else that you’d like to share?

I have run your race once before many years ago so I knew what a great event it is.
I am already looking forward to next year’s race and will train properly for it. I will not run it at the end of a two week all-inclusive holiday, I will get my timings right.

Will Gary take the throne again or will someone else come to Negril and have bragging rights for the next year?