December 3, 2023
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The Last Mile

The Last Mile

The last mile of any race, for many of us, can be our fastest. We know the end is near. For some of us, it may the slowest. The final mile for the Reggae Marathon is known as the Bob Marley Mile. Bob Marley is the most famous person from Jamaica. Known as the King of Reggae, his music is known and revered around the world. And the Reggae Marathon pays homage to him in many ways. And you can see it and hear it when you pick up your packet.

The music that is played throughout the Reggae Marathon activities is mostly Bob Marley music. It is recognizable and enjoyable and has a good vibe. The music puts you in a good mood for the rest of the weekend.

The morning of the race, there is more Bob Marley music to be heard throughout the starting area. And then promptly at 5:15 am, the horn sounds for the race to begin. And then Bob Marley’s Jammin’ plays as you cross the start line. As you’re running the race, you will hear more music from Bob Marley. Sometimes it can be music from a musician playing on the side of the road or it can be from a car that has hooked up speakers so the music can be heard before you even see the car.

What is special is that last mile. As you approach the finish line, there are clapboards with lines from Bob Marley songs that inspirational and push you through that last mile of your race. And when you pass each one, you start singing that song in your head. And you see the clapboards until you get to the finish line tunnel where you are greeted by the crowds and more Bob Marley music.