December 3, 2023
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The Reggae Marathon Experience

It’s warm even before the dawn in Negril at the start of Reggae Marathon.  The usual pre-race jitters are part of it of course and all us who line up behind the elite runners waiting for Race Director Fr to send us off.

But Reggae Marathon is special.  First of course is the setting:  Negril, Jamaica in December.  Enough said!

Second is the time: 5:15 am start.  I’ve been to some early morning races but this is definitely the earliest.  Somehow though it just adds to the buzz.

Then there’s the music.  Loud reggae music before the start of the race.  While walking from the hotel to the start at Long Bay Beach Park it’s like a magnet that draws you faster and faster.

Then, just prior to the start, touch bearers light up and drummers start their relentless beat.  It’s time… 

Drums at the start and at the finish! Nice!  There is also reggae music to welcome you back through the finish chute and into the post-race area.


are a couple of ladies from the Running Girlz group of Burlingto just after crossing the finish line.  They’ve got their finishers medals and note the plastic pouches of cold water.  That’s hydration ‘Reggae Marathon’ style.  Water and Hy-Lite electrolyte replacement are available at every mile aid station for the entire Reggae Marathon route.

I love the contrast in expressions:  Dad is ecstatic at completing his race;  junior wants to know when he can get out and go play in the sand on the beach.

I still love the headgear of these Reggae Maratoners from Belgium.  Impossible to miss either at the Pasta Party Friday night or Saturday during the race.

Are you ready for your Reggae Marathon experience?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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Photos courtesy of Pan Caribbean.