December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

The Start of a Beautiful Experience

The Start of a Beautiful Experience

Lining up for the 5:15 am start of Reggae Marathon is the start of a beautiful experience!

Pitch black except for the twinkling starts and a full moon (if we’re lucky) as we make your way to Long Bay Beach park.  The street lights string out along Norman Washington Boulevard, the paved road that is the closed-to-traffic Reggae Marathon course.  Bright flood lights illuminate the Start/Finish Area…when Race Director Frano sends us off just follow the runner or walker in front of you.

In the Start Coral, follow these guidelines to have your best race experience, and help those around you do the same:

  1. Check the pace markers at the side of the coral and line up accordingly.  If you’re a 10 min/mile runner, don’t line up with those running 8 minute miles.  It is hotter in Jamaica…you will NOT run at the same pace as back home.  You may go out fast and this rookie mistake will come back to bite you around mile 4.
  2. If you’re walking, start at the back of the coral.  Think about it:  If you start in front of a runner, they are going to have to pass you.  And in the dark just after the start this just adds unnecessary drama.
  3. Don’t walk 5 abreast.  Just don’t!
  4. Don’t stop suddenly on the course.  If you have to stop, move over to the right side of the road/course, check behind you, then slow down and stop.  The runners behind you will appreciate it!
  5. Seifies are great.  Just not in the middle of a race course.  Follow #4.  Seriously though, there will be lots of opportunities for selfies after you finish.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy