December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Training Programs for Reggae Marathon

Training Programs for Reggae Marathon

Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K…these are the 3 race distances at Reggae Marathon.  What’s the best training program for each?

Training programs are wide and varied.  If you belong to a running club, you also get the benefit of learning and running with more experienced runners.  When I was training for my first Marathon, Reggae Marathon back in 2009, I ran with a great group of runners many with years of marathon races between them.  On our long runs I learned about pacing, hydration, rest and recovery.  All proved invaluable when I lined up in Negril to head out.  Thankfully I followed their best advice:  start slowly!  I learned the benefit of that with 10K to go…I still had gas in the tank to make it those final kilometres to the finish.  If you run in Jamaica, The Jamdammers, founding running club of Reggae Marathon is a great resource…ask them about their post-training breakfast get togethers!

If you are not able to run with a group of club, there are a many training programs to choose from.  Here at Reggae Marathon you’ll find a number of training programs…everything from walk/run to full run programs for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K distances.  Check them out here:  Training Programs.

So don’t think you have to do it all by yourself.  Join a running club, pick a training program.  See you on the road!

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