December 8, 2024
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Virtual Fitness Programs

Virtual Fitness Programs

At the start of the pandemic, many group activities and fitness classes were canceled. For many people, myself included, we were lost. I was fortunate that one of my friends, who is certified in group fitness instruction, lead a group of us each day in a CORE-ona workout. (Get it, COREona!) While she had us focusing on our core, we also did arms, legs, and stretching workouts too. A part of my was also excited to see some friendly and familiar faces on a regular basis. So while I could not be with my friends in person to workout, this was the next best thing.

Many people, myself included, downloaded apps to do some workouts while gyms and fitness studios were closed. While I would have loved to buy a Peloton® bike and do all the workouts that I saw advertised on tv, I did download the app and do some of the workouts that were offered for free during the beginning of the pandemic. And in addition to apps, there were many programs and classes that were made available on YouTube too. Finding fitness classes never became so easy!

What did you do to stay in shape when a lot of the gyms and fitness studios closed down In addition to my Core-ona workouts and the workouts on the Peloton®, I did a lot of running and some walking too. It was important for my physical health as well as my mental health to remain active during a difficult time.

Keep on running!

And don’t forget to register for the Reggae Marathon. The 2021 race is bound to be epic!

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