December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

What do you have to say about the Reggae Marathon?

The great thing about running is that there is really no such thing as a ‘bad’ run.  I know I’ve had them but they fade away in comparison to the ‘good runs’.  Here’s what some runners from last December’s Reggae Marathon had to say:

Tyrone Cook, a member of the Capital Running Company race crew, ran the ½ Marathon:

This ranks right up there as one of the best for me (I’ve been running races for over 9 years now).  I plan on coming back this year.  Once is not enough. I ranked this as the best start I’ve ever experienced – even better than Disney! The start & finish were within walking distance from my resort.  I walked along the beach back to the resort at the end of the race. Even the temperature was OK:   not warmer than any summer race in the states.  I found it quite comfortable during most of the race.  It is a nice, flat course.  Loved the finish by the beach! I was pleasantly surprised that spectators were up supporting us outside their hotels and homes.  The support at the finish motivated me to finish strong. Here are my 4 favourite things:

  1. Doing the thing that I love – running – in Jamaica
  2. The start
  3. The coconut drink at the finisher’s area and taking a refreshing dip in the ocean at the end of the race
  4. The pasta party the night before the race.

Bob Moore from the Washington Running Report ran the 10K.  Bob and I also ran together before the Reggae Marathon…we were the two guys running to the round-about Thursday morning:

We stayed at TREE HOUSE. Gail Jackson and staff were over the top, friendly like family; great place. We enjoyed our room.  Jewel knew we liked it so much, she crafted a different “sculpture” out of the towels she left for us every day. The food was good, the bar was fun, and the rest of the staff was friendly and VERY accommodating.

We think Reggae Marathon is one of the very best events in the world.  We feel lucky to be part of the experience.

The pasta party…WOW, have you ever experienced anything like that?

I love the start. It is my personal favorite part of the event.  I jumped into the start and just coincidentally ran into some people I met earlier, staying at TREE HOUSE. They greeted me like a long time running partner…that’s the “spirit of Reggae”.

The music starts.  “One Love”;  “Jammin”… it doesn’t matter.  I find myself singing as I pass under the torch start. The dark adds a mystery.  All of it…the torches, the Marley music, the drums, the enthusiasm amongst runners and spectators is so much fun.

Ouida Brown traveled from Philadelphia ran the ½ half marathon:

While last year’s Reggae  Marathon was not my best race regarding time, it was the most fun run that I have done. It was a nice vacation get-a-away that involved running.

I traveled with my running team.  It was the second race I did with the team. The pasta party was awesome.

The people are so friendly. I loved the fact that they stated everyone’s name as they crossed the finish line. The beach after the run, the coconut water, the massage after was so wonderful. This is my fourth 1/2 marathon.

I also love the way it was organized.  It was well worth the trip. The course was nice and flat. I am so glad I signed up.  Jamaica was so much fun.

Are you counting the days until Reggae Marathon 2011 yet?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

NOTE:  Feature photo is courtesy of Errol Anderson