December 8, 2024
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What’s the Weather like in Negril?

What’s the Weather like in Negril?

What’s the weather like in Negril? That’s a top-of-mind question for a lot of Reggae Marathoners coming from northern/colder climates. And without beating around the bush, it’s warm!  But remember…you’re here for fun and a run!

Jamaica is a tropical island. Temperatures across the island average in the high 70’s F to the low 80’s F all year. In beach areas like Negril, those temperatures are generally 3 – 5 degrees higher. And the sun in more intense, a result of our location closer to the Equator.

Sun intensity combined with warmer temperatures require your serious attention. First, wear sunblock. All the time when you are outside. Invest in a waterproof or sport version of the best sunblock you can. Apply liberally from early in the morning and continue all day especially if you plan to spend your days lounging and playing on the beach.

That’s the fun, now the run.

Don’t attempt to run at the same pace as you do back home in a colder climate. That’s for your comfort and health safety. And it’s why we start Reggae Marathon at 5:15 am in the morning, almost an hour before the sunrise. As a general rule, at the expected morning temperatures in the high 70’s, your comfortable page will be 7 – 10% slower than ‘back home’.

But…and this is a big BUT…are you in Negril to set a PR or are you here to have fun? Over the years at Reggae Marathon I’ve had good races, great races and a couple that I’d rather forget. But even those forgettable races ended with a Finisher Medal, a Beach Party and a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea, just outside the finish. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Until next time…

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