December 5, 2021
Reggae Marathon Goes Virtual
November 13-December 5, 2021

When your Feet hit the Pavement

When your Feet hit the Pavement

Whether you are running a 10k, a half marathon, or a marathon, your feet will be pounding the pavement on Norman Manley Boulevard. It is a totally sensory experience. Here is what you will encounter that day.

The sounds along the way vary from the steel pan drums that will send you off as you start the race in the dark. Now how many races do you know that start like that. It’s definitely a great way to start a race. And because the race starts in the dark, you’ll need a way to see where you are running. And tiki torches will light your way. That’s another unique aspect of this race.

Reggae Marathon 2018

As you continue to run, the sun will come up and you will begin to feel the heat. Be sure to take advantage of all the water stations and misting stops along the way. They will help cool you down! And when you get to the finish line, step into the misting tent before you head to the beach or if you are brave enough, take a dip in the ice baths.

Finally, get that fresh coconut and take your selfies! The Reggae Marathon is truly a sensory experience!