December 8, 2024
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Where to Party in Montego Bay and Negril

Wondering where the fun party spots are in Montego Bay and Negril? There are quite a few but here are some of my favourites.

Avant-garde event promoters, Brand New Machine (BNM), hosts the BNM Montego Bay party every Thursday night starting at 10pm at the Seawind Club, Freeport. An ultra cool outdoor beach venue, BNM Mo Bay brings together a mix of the Jamaica’s second city’s movers and shakers with some out of towners, both from Kingston and from other shores. BNM Mo Bay promises an interesting crowd, great music, good service, and a generally good time.

For those looking for a more mainstream vibe, there is Friday nights at Pier One which is hands down the best and biggest Friday night party in Montego Bay. Locals and tourists alike flock to this on the water restaurant/bar to hear mostly dancehall music with some hip hop and r&b thrown in.

Also check out the Blue Beat on Gloucester Ave, the hip strip right in the middle of town, on Saturday nights. A combo inside/outside bar and lounge/patio on the sea, Blue Beat’s music is mainly house and mainstream hits.

Lair Lounge, Negril West Eng

If you’re in Negril then you absolutely have to visit Negril’s latest and coolest night spot -the Lair Lounge, on the West End (located right below the Hungry Lion restaurant). Launched in December 2010, Lair Lounge is a sexy new spot featuring eclectic musical treats, great cocktails, snacks and desserts in an air-conditioned multi-media lounge and bar. Created by Negril long time hipster Betram Saulter, the Lair Lounge’s plush red interiors and funky bar vibe is a one of kind Negril spot.

You’ll never know who you’ll run into at Lair as it’s likely to be the hang out spot for local and international celebs and members of Mr. Saulter’s musical tribe that happen to be in town. Nominated by the Jamaica Observer Food Awards in 2011 as one of the “Best Places to Be Seen” in Jamaica, you won’t want to miss it.

For more of a typical Negril night time experience, there’s Alfred’s Ocean Palace, a staple of Negril’s night life and long time popular beach night spot.  Alfred’s bar is located on Negril’s seven mile beach and has live reggae bands some nights every week.


This week’s guest blog post is from Karin Wilson-Edmonds, a Jamaican business development and marketing consultant who publishes YardEdge a blog that explores the edge of Jamaican culture.  You can also follow Karin on Twitter.  If you have a favourite place, leave a comment and share with us.

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