December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Happy Reggae Marathon New Year!

Unless you were up ‘super late’ last night, then you’ve already enjoyed the first run of 2012.  OK, maybe it’s just me who was crazy enough to plan a run for early morning January 1 viagra canada but it sure was a good way to clear my head while looking ahead to the new year.

Resolutions for 2012 were  top-of-mind this morning of course.  Here are some of mine for 2012:

  •  Reggae Marathon 2012 December 1 in Negril for sure!  See you at the Pasta Party Friday night.
  • Continue the natural-style running technique I learned in 2011.  It’s allowed me to run more comfortably and easily and after 25+ years of running, that is a good thing.
  • Continue to eat more balanced meals along with cutting down ‘salty snacks’.  I’ll have an easier time with balanced meals but dealing with the salty snacks will be challenging.
  • I loved the energy and enthusiasm of all the runners I met at Reggae Marathon last December and my biggest goal in 2012 is to follow their lead so that I can help other runners experience the joy of running. Groups such as Easy Skankin and the Running Girlz; Runners like Carrie Tollefson an Olympic-level elite runner who also loves to run, Navin Sadarangani, Larry Savitch and Dan Cumming who keep on running and running. You guys rock!

No matter what you have planned for 2012 remember this, nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without some sacrifice.  I’m looking forward to 2012.  All the best and keep running!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


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