December 8, 2024
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How long is the Reggae Marathon course open?

We received this great question from Gayle recently asking how long the Reggae Marathon course remains open on race day (Saturday, December 3 this year):

Dan, my husband and I are coming to Jamaica this year for our first Reggae Half. It just happens to be on our anniversary. Seems like a great way to celebrate. Anyway, we are beginning runners and would really just like to enjoy the day (and walk!). All of the race information I can find says that the course is open for 7 hours. Does that mean that people participating in the Half Marathon have 7 hours to complete their race as well? We certainly don’t anticipate taking anywhere near that long, but we want to know if there is a shorter time limit for the half as we can’t find that anywhere on the website. Thanks very much for your help!


Dan doing what he loves: Running!

Hi Gayle,

What a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary!  At least I think so.

The first time I ever visited Negril was very close to being on our First Anniversary – see the photo in the introduction of me on this blog. No Reggae Marathon though.  Essentially no people – just beach and water!

All three events start at the same time and all courses are open for 7 hours. So whether you need it or not, you will indeed have 7 hours to complete the Half Marathon.

Although it was not part of your question I will point out that the full marathon course has been changed for the better for 2011.  It will now be two loops of the Half Marathon course.  That means you will have lots of company out there, whatever pace you may be doing.  It also means more music per mile – I think the Reggae Marathon web site states:  Reggae Music, Reggae Music, Sweet Reggae Music. An update on the course route will be coming soon…check the Reggae Marathon blog or Facebook Fan page for regular updates.




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