December 8, 2024
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Kinesiology Tape … Does it work?

Kinesiology tape. It’s been around the 1970’s when it was inventeg in Japan and has been the rage for endurance athletes since the 2008 Olympics.  Originally used by elite runners, it’s now common for mid-pack runners like myself to sport brightly coloured tape.  Knees, calves, hamstrings and quads…all are target areas for kinesiology tape.  And those who tape up swear by the benefits. But…does kinesiology tape work?


Kineseology Tape


The key benefits of using kinesiology tape include muscular and structural support and increased blood flow.  It does these in two ways:  first through the construction of the tape itself:  cotton fibres with polymer elastic strands woven in, and second in how it’s applied.

While the jury may be out on the real tangible benefits for non elite athletes and runners, that hasn’t stopped it being adopted.  Whether real or mental, it does look cool.

For more information on the benefits of injury prevetion, this article summs it up:  Kinesiology Tape:  Does it work?

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