December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon just 100 days away…

Sing along with me: “100 bottles of Red Stripe on the wall, 100 bottles of Red Stripe…”!  Yes, it’s countdown time to Reggae Marathon 2012, Saturday, December 1 in Negril, Jamaica.  And since you’ve registered by now, booked your flights and hotel, you can join in the singing.

Reggae Marathon really begins on the morning of the flight to Montego Bay.  Not only has the beach wear been packed but there’s likely a separate bag for the running gear…clothes, shoes, gels, etc.  Question:  do you carry your running gear on board the plane or do you check it?

There are lots of ways to deal with the next 100 days.  Crossing each day off a calendar posted on the fridge in the kitchen, setting reminders on your electronic calendars, getting in some fall races as tune ups for Reggae Marathon.  One of the best ways for me is to see people enjoying themselves at Reggae Marathon.  Here are some of them from Reggae Marathon 2011.  Notice the smiles?

It may be warmer temperatures than you’re used to at Reggae Marathon but it’s hard not to break into a smile…especially when the photographers come by.  “We’re running in Negril!”.  Lots of people along the course cheering, aid stations with loud Reggae music every mile…just a couple of things to look forward to.

Still smiling but I did notice a little grimace…not to worry, the beach at Long Bay Beach Park beckons. Massages on the beach after fresh coconut water and a cold Red Stripe not far away now.  Notice as well the plastic pouches of cold water in their hands.  That’s how we hydrate and stay cool at Reggae Marathon.

Ahhh…that fresh cut coconut!  I did mention the fresh cut coconuts available at the end of the race didn’t I?  A treat every time and great post-race recovery fuel.

So singing along, counting days, looking at pictures…take your pick.  They’re all great ways to count down to Reggae Marathon December 1.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  To register now click here for the Reggae Marathon Registration Page.  Click here for more details on Reggae Marathon’s Abe Issa Award for Excellence.

Runner photos courtesy of Errol Anderson.