December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Run with Passion

Run with passion!  Live life with passion! That and a few more motivating and inspiring running sayings today:


“Running has taught me that the pursuit of a passion matters more than the passion itself. Immerse yourself in something deeply and with heartfelt intensity—continually improve, never give up—this is fulfillment, this is success.” – Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner


“Consistency is the key. Everyone had bad days, even Olympic champions. But you can’t let bad days stand in your way. (If you’re ill or injured, of course, you should rest.) Feeling sluggish? Too bad. If you’ve planned a workout, stick to the plan. It’s okay to run slower or walk more, but it’s not okay to skip the workout. Remember this: You’ll almost always feel better after the workout. Your energy level and your spirits will rise, and you’ll be glad you did the run.” – Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World Complete Book of Beginning Running


“What do you have to feel joyful about? Take a moment and think about all the wonderful things running has brought you during your journey as a runner. Do you look and feel better? Have you experienced the world in a new way, seeing flowers and scenery for the first time on foot? Take a moment to celebrate. You have a lot to feel good about.” – John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running.

Thanks as usual to Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes for helping us run with passion!

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)