December 8, 2024
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Runner’s Mark…coming to Reggae Marathon 2012

Carl Worrell, founder and owner of Runner's Mark

Meet Carl Worrell.  He's the founder and owner of Runner's Mark in the lovely town of Port Credit, just west of Toronto Canada.  Carl is passionate about running and is heading up a group of runners planning their first trip to Reggae Marathon this December.  If you live anywhere close to his store, make a note to stop by Runner's Mark on Saturday, July 21 at 10 am for their Reggae Marathon information session.  I'll be in the neighbourhood and plan to be there.  As a long-time runner I love meeting other runners who just love running.  I'm looking forward to meeting Carl and his running group who seem to embody that spirit in a big way.

Runner's Mark seems to hit the sweet spot for seasoned and newbie runners alike with their motto:   “Motivate, Support, Supply”.  Carl notes, “We serve the running needs of Canadian road, trail and track runners”.  He continues, ” Our  mission to motivate athletes’ accomplishments, support their performance, and supply them with high performance running gear at the best prices in Canada”.

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From the look of these Runner's Mark runners, they must think they have already crossed the finish line at their first Reggae Marathon.  I have a feeling they'll l make quite an impact this December.

You can find Carl and the Runner's Mark website at these links:  Runner's Mark Online and Runner's Mark Facebook.  Check them out.

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a big shout-out to Ingrid Wilson an avid runner herself (and rumor has it a runner of some fame…more on that later) who introduced me to Runner's Mark.  Thanks Ingrid.  I look forward to meeting you guys on July 21 at your Reggae Marathon Information session and especially meeting up again in Negril this December for Reggae Marathon.

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Photos courtesy of Runner's Mark.