December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Running for a personal best at Reggae Marathon

Personal Best.  The achievement of a goal that exceeds previous performance.  Larry Savitch achieved a string of personal bests last year.  I achieved a personal best in the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge in April.  Both were directly related to racing performance and were extremely satisfying.

Taking 'personal best' to a new level is Marsha Doucette who has set her sights on achieving a big audacious goal at Reggae Marathon this year.  She's doing it to raise funds for the Canadian Liver Foundation. She's doing it for her Dad!

Some background on Marsha.  She's a runner and a personal trainer originally from London, Ontario, Canada.  Her life was thrown upside down when her Dad was diagnosed with liver disease and had to have a liver transplant.  She was so affected by her Dad's experience that when an opportunity came up to join the Canadian Liver Foundation in Toronto she jumped at it.

 So here's where Marsha's big audacious goal comes in.  Working as a Fund Raising Coordinator at the Greater Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Liver Foundation, Marsha and her team came up with this cool idea: a group running trip to Reggae Marathon this December. Great idea…what's better than running Reggae Marathon in Negril in December?

But  here's the really cool part:  runne

rs who sign up to the program called 'Lace Up For Liver'  and raise a minimum of $6,000 get an all expenses trip to Negril, Jamaica to run in Reggae Marathon. Full marathon, Half or 10 K…any of our 3 races.  Run, fun, beach, sun and fundraising as well!

“Lace up for Liver at Reggae Marathon is a great running vacation in an exotic location while knowing you're helping the 1 in 10 Canadians living with liver disease” Marsha noted.  “Running is important because it improves circulation and helps reduce fat” she added.

Love this program!  Can't wait to meet up with all the Lace Up For Liver runners in Negril this December!
For more information…and more importantly to sign up for the program…click on this

link:  Lace Up For Liver.  This is a personal best that's worth striving for.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


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