December 8, 2024
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The Running Girlz storm Reggae Marathon…again!

“Convincing” is when you can get your family to support a ‘girls only’ running vacation to Negril, Jamaica in December to run the Reggae Marathon.  That’s what Janicke Ziemer and the Running Girlz from Burlington, Ontario stormed into Negril for the Reggae Marathon last December.

The Running Girlz from Burlington, Ontario

They were hard to miss both on the course and on the beach after the race.   And while competition is important of they never left a runner behind.  It’s really the friendship and pleasure of running in a group that keeps them united.  Having your friends with you at Reggae Marathon is really the best running vacation I can think of.

Fresh coconut, cold beer warm Caribbean.

Ahh…a cold, refreshing Red Stripe hits the spot!  It looks like you guys had a fabulous time running at Reggae Marathon 2011.  Convincing your families to stay away from Reggae Marathon 2012 will be challenging after they see these pictures.  See you all in 2012!

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information, check the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  Photo with Red Stripe courtesy of Errol Anderson.