December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Top 10 reasons to indicate you’re a real runner

I hate it when someone says to me, “oh…you like to jog”.  I DON’T jog.  With gritted teeth I gently correct them:  “I’m a runner”. 

So what’s the difference?  Here are the top 10 things that differentiate joggers from runners:

  1. You know you’re a runner if you speed up when you see another runner in front of you while you’re on your long slow distance run
  2. If you like running in the cold and rain, you’re a runner
  3. Getting up early to run, running as soon as you get home before supper.  Both indicate that you are a serious runner and may be slightly deranged
  4. You prefer running to…well, you prefer running to just about everything else.  This indicates you are a serious runner
  5. You do your best thinking when you’re running.  In fact you generally solve all the problems of the universe while running.  You’re definitely a runner
  6. You talk about running all the time.  In fact your significant other has given up trying to get you to talk about anything else.  You bore people at non-runner social occasions but you’re a runner
  7. You can remember your Personal Best.  You know what a Personal Best is.  Long-time runner
  8. You’re re a runner if you obsess over running shoes and spend hours surfing running shoe web sites
  9. You know you’re a runner if you know what Body Glide is.  And yes guys, you know what really chafes
  10. And finally, you’re  a runner if you dream about running…wait, that may just be me!

I’m a runner and proud to be one.  I’m of course looking forward to running again this year in my favourite race, the Reggae Marathon

See you soon.

Until next time…

that running guy