December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

What’s the perfect Christmas gift for the Reggae Marathon runner?

With just over a week to go now until Christmas, here are some great ideas for Christmas for the runner in your life.  Sally, are you listening?  It’s not too late.

  1. Get a running ID. I ran all the time at all times, and worry that if I get run over no one would identify me.
  2. Buy your runner a Runner’s World or Running Times magazine subscription. At less than $20 a year it’s a very good deal. Shipping to Jamaica can be expensive, but it will likely be a lot cheaper than buying locally.
  3. The Runner’s World Calendar 2011 is also something to consider. As a runner, I like seeing pictures of people running. I get motivated to run. Having a wall calendar can make sure that your runner gets a daily dose of motivation!
  4. A singlet, running shorts or tights.  We can never have enough of those! Make sure though that you know her size.
  5. A hydration belt, if she doesn’t have one yet. It’s great on the long distance runs
  6. A Gift certificate for a new pair of shoes. Runners who rack up the miles need one every three months or so.  Note that I didn’t say get her a new pair of shoes! We love choosing it ourselves…a gift certificate gives us the choice
  7. If you can afford it, why not get her a Garmin Forerunner? There’s the Garmin FR60W for Women to help track her miles. For men, there is also the Garmin 405CX with a GPS.
  8. Books are also a great gift idea. Maybe your runner has become interested in barefoot running. Get books that will help with technique. And make sure you get her to check out George Colombo’s blog on Natural Running
  9. Running accessories like caps, socks, an arm strap for the iPod are always popular
  10. And finally, for the budget conscious, if get one picture from each race she has run, preferably taken at the finish line, and compile it in a photo album. You can also use the race bibs to make a scrapbook of her running life. This will really be appreciated considering the time you spent on putting it together

Have fun shopping.  I know Sally will.

Until next time…