December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Can I have my hair back now?

I thought my clean shaven head might have given me the

competitive advantage.  Sally though it made me look like an alien.  Alas it was too little, too late for me.  But it was worth it in the end for the 1st Annual Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge last Sunday.

After the dust settled, Larry Savitch of Florida, New York emerged victorious and is now the proud owner of a Medal from Red Line Laser Engraving, Puma Faas 500 running shoes from Reggae Marathon and a couple of Red Stripe 6-packs from Dan and I.  He also gets bragging rights for a year.  That will be insufferable of course but we'll have the opportunity to bring him down a notch at Reggae Marathon this December. Let's keep that a secret.

By now you know that Larry Savitch, Dan Cumming and I met online in 2010 and travelled to Negril to run in the Reggae Marathon event last December.  We spiced up our spring training and running with the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge that pitted us mano y mano even though we ran in different events and are over 20 years apart in age.

With the exception of Dan, Larry and I had tough races.  Larry went out hard and fast and paid the price with a tough final 5 K.  I was nursing a pulled calf muscle that held up through the first 10 K but slowed me for the final half, good enough for 3rd place in the Challenge.  Dan the seasoned runner that he is cruised through comfortably in 2nd place.  Larry and I are quietly nursing the pain this week. And while Dan is not one to gloat, I know he is smiling that knowing smile along with the “I told you so's”.

The afterglow thi

s week has been fantastic!  So much positive feedback on Facebook that we were all challenged to keep up last Sunday afternoon.  Thanks.  The photos below were taken immediately after we received our medals and with the exception of Dan, show Larry and I with our game faces on.




So what's next?  Plan for an even bigger and better 2nd Annual Reggae Runners Half Marthon Challenge in 2013 of course.  We hope you'll join in.  Now can I have my hair back please?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  To register now click here for the Reggae Marathon Registration Page.  Photos courtesy of our wives. Thanks.