Training tips to improve your running

Running and training are not the same thing.  I came to that conclusion recently while doing speedwork at a local track.  I know that sounds obvious but you know how you can sometimes come up with something that seemed profound at the time but later seemed glaringly obvious.  That was one of those times. As a long-time runner, I’ve experienced the joy of fantastic, effortless runs when it fe ...[Read More]

How your Running Form affects your Running Performance

Beg forgiveness for abusing this famous quote:  “It is better to look good…and darling, you look marvelous!” While running, I have yet to pass a glass storefront without sneaking a look at my running form.  Vane?  Maybe but who of you hasn’t?  Come on now, be honest. I watch Marathons and distance running events every chance I get.  I’m no Elite but I love watching th ...[Read More]

Runners Knee: Injury Recovery Treatment that Works

It happens to the best of us.  Runner’s Knee. I suffered a knee injury about two weeks ago while doing some speed work at a local high school track.  I was OK walking but definitely not running.  Let’s just say that I was NOT happy.  Especially at the start of the summer running season. I was eager for fast recovery so I could get on with running. I came across this video from Carrie T ...[Read More]

The Running Girlz are coming back to Reggae Marathon!

This December the Running Girlz will be back in Negril for their 3rd Reggae Marathon.  We missed them last December, and it seems they missed us too. Heading up the Running Girlz is Janicke Ziemer who sent us this note: The Running Girlz are so looking forward to seeing all of you back in Jamaica in Dec….just wish it was sooner !!  So far 21 confirmed…we are booked in at Swept Away.  W ...[Read More]

What goes with running?

Beer! This debate is still alive:  Alcohol and running. I know for sure from personal experience it’s impossible to achieve a personal best while ‘under the influence’.  It’s beyond impossible with a hangover.  However a cold Red Stripe after a race or run…now that just seems to make sense. Especially after Reggae Marathon. I’ve run in 4 Reggae Marathon events t ...[Read More]

Inspiring Runners Sharing their Stories

Runners are a special breed.  Most days we get out of our warm beds, slip into our running gear and head out into the pre-dawn to ‘go for a run’.  Thankfully most of us have supportive and understanding significant others! Some of us run for our health.  Others run for others.  All of us run for very personal reasons.  I found these two stories recently about some very special runners. ...[Read More]


Sitting high up in the mango tree in the back yard eating mangos.  Can there ever be a more simple joy?  Today’s post is about Mangoes.  They contain a lot of tryptophan, which helps in the formation of the ‘happiness-hormone’ serotonin. It’s like eating PURE JOY! Enjoy! Recipe for Happiness: 1 mango, pitted and diced (leave skin on! It’s so good for you) ½ cup mixed berries 1-2 ...[Read More]

Summer’s here and the running is good!

Who doesn’t love running in the summer? From Runner’s World, a nice series of articles with suggestions and tips on how to deal effectively with the heat of summer:   Runner’s World Hot Weather Running. “Mad dogs and Englishmen…in the noon day sun”.  I seem to remember some sage advice from my Grandma about not running around at high noon.  Maybe that’s wh ...[Read More]

Planter Fasciitis…Yuck!

Hands up:  Have you had a pain in the foot caused by Plantar Fasciitis?  I have.  It hurt. It was not fun. Planter Fasciitis struck me a few years ago and lingered on for quite a long time.  I went through the ‘self-help’ phase, got some great advice from fellow runners and finally got some effective physio-therapy.  The culprit in my case was transitioning too quickly from heel-strike ...[Read More]

Meet Lisa Laws, Runner!

Calling Lisa just a ‘Runner’ may be an understatement.  I connected with Lisa virtually after last December’s Reggae Marathon.  She and a group of ladies were down for the race weekend.  I met some of her group who were staying at our hotel but unfortunately I didn’t meet Lisa in person.  Since then we’ve become Facebook Friends and spoken on the phone.  I’m loo ...[Read More]