December 3, 2023
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Nothing but the beach

Before and after Reggae Marathon it’s nothing but the beach. All 7 miles of beautiful white Negril beach sand! After arriving in Negril the...

Dining under the stars

Dining under the stars at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party is the first taste of the Reggae Marathon Experience. Call it Carbo Loading if you must...

Everything is irie

“No problem…everything is irie!”.  Danielle Cemprola had this revelation at Reggae Marathon last December.  An addmitted worrier...

Jerk n Ting

Jerk n Ting!  Couldn’t leave Negril last December without a meal of Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas and of course a cold Ting. Sunday evening...

Barefoot on the Beach

I ran barefoot on the beach last December after Reggae Marathon.  And I loved it! Backstory.  After completing the 10K and collecting my Finisher...