December 8, 2024
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It’s all about the head gear at Reggae Marathon

Hat or no hat?  At Reggae Marathon it is always advisable to wear a hat especially if you are running in the Half or Full Marathon.  The assortment of headgear

at last year's Reggae Marathon was truly spectacular.  Who can forget the Belgians?

The Reggae Marathoner running in the photo above likes British Columbia, Canada.  Take a really close look at the logo on his hat.  It is the logo of the BC Lions, the football team based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Here are some more photos of runners and their headgear:

This Reggae Marathoner is 'Super Fan':  hat, top and especially the shoes all PUMA!  That's the way to be 'cool' while running cool.

The colour coordination of her hat with her top is brilliant.  And you know where her true affection is:  Jamaica!

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Upon close inspection, the logo on this Reggae Marathoner says 'Australia'.  She may have traveled all the way from the land down under or may  just a fan…in either case, she's in Negril at Reggae Marathon proudly wearing her Reggae Marathon T.

The best dressed!  This Reggae Marathoner has the Best Dressed Chicken hat and T and surely has the best smile as she cruises along. Nice going!

The hat really does make the person.  For Reggae Marathon 2012 I'll be looking out for your headgear.  Don't be surprised if someone stops you and asks, “Can I take a picture of your hat?”

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information check the Reggae Marathon Web Site.  To register now for some great prizes, click here for the Reggae Marathon Registration Page.  Photos courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography.