December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

It’s been a Jamaican-style, Olympic-sized Summer!

It’s been a great two weeks!  Dual celebrations of Emancipation and the 50th Anniversary of Independence that carried on it seemed from August 1 right through to August 6.  And of course there was this ‘little 2 week event’ in London called the Olympics that seemed tailor-made to enhance the celebrations.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Jamaica dominated the news in most of the world and in virtually all the media over the past few weeks.  Team Jamaica’s performance at the London 2012 Olympics for sure cemented it’s place in the Athletic world with electric performances from both the men and women.

There were numerous special moments including the photo above of a Reggae Marathon fan with Frano and Diane.   These are others that seemed to capture the essence of the experience.

Reggae Marathon Represent!

Reggae Marathon was on the scene in London.  And looking great too.  Here’s Reggae Marathon Frano and Diane at Puma Yaad in the Team Jamaica uniforms designed for Puma by Cedella Marley. Lots of controversy initially but Jamaica Olympic Uniforms:  Nice!

Everyone doing the Bolt

If you didn’t know who Usain Bolt was before the London 2012 Olympic Games, you knew after the fantastic 3-peat repeat performance in the 100 M, 200 M and 4 x 100 M events.   And to reflect that Reggae Marathon played a small part in his career is simply special:  World Champions born at Reggae Marathon.

Tears of pure joy!

Of all the photos and images of the podium finishers standing proudly while the national anthem of the Gold medal winner was played,  this one summed up the Olympic essence for me:  the outpouring of emotion after all the training

and sacrifice.

In the beginning…

It began with a parade.  There was much anxiety that went along with the excitement of things to come.  And in the end there was the expected human drama:  who will ever forget Asafa Powell’s experience in the Men’s 100 M.  Through it all Team Jamaica did Jamaica proud on the world stage.

Until next time…

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