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Running in Negril with Bob Moore at Reggae Marathon 2012

It’s been very hot in the US North East and Southern Ontario, Canada recently.  Reggae Marathon friend Bob Moore who lives in Washington, DC is ‘enjoying’ this warm weather and turned his attention to this December’s Reggae Marathon. In the photo above that’s Bob at the Laser Kombat Zone at Kool Runnings in Negril last December. To say Bob loves Jamaica and Reggae Marathon is an understatement.  Here’s his guest post from last year:  Once you go you’ll know.

At Reggae Marathon 2012 once again Bob is planning an acclimatizing run on Friday morning  before race day.  The date this year for Bob’s warm-up-with-friends run is Friday, Nov 30, 2012.  Here’s his invitation:

It’s time for our annual Pre Reggae Marathon trek down beach road to the roundabout.  We’ll start at Negril  Tree House located just short of the 2 mile mark.  We’ll go our for 4.5 miler from Negril Tree House down to the Roundabout in Negril and back.  For you runners coming from points North (and colder) it’s a good idea to get to Jamaica a few days early to get used to the warmer temperatures.  I am thinking we should go out around 9 am.  That allows you to sleep in…you’re on vacation after all! You’ll still get back in enough time to spend the day relaxing on the beach before the Pasta Party Friday evening at Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex.

Another time I will tell you my story of my 1st run when I arrived last

year…it is a good thing it was on Tuesday  :-) I had time to ‘recover’.

I plan to join Bob on Friday morning for this run.  Bring water, wear your hat and be prepared for some ‘kool running’. After that we can all  go over to Kool Runnings for a fresh cut coconut before hitting the beach for the afternoon to rest up for Saturday.  And yes, there will be another fresh cut coconut waiting for you at the finish of Reggae Marathon on Saturday.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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Photos courtesy of Errol Anderson.