December 3, 2023
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Just out for a run
Just out for a run

A funny thing happened Saturday morning.  Got up early as usual to go out for a run.  Pre-dawn as usual…love the sunrise!  There out on the...

A Fun Run
A Fun Run

It may cause a grimace or two but it’s still a fun run.  So says every runner after finishing a training run or race.  Some days it may take...

4 Months to Go

A little over 4 months to go to Reggae Marathon, Sunday, December 2.  Woo hoo!  5:15 am Sunday, December 2 at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril...

A Smile is all it takes

A smile is all it takes to get through Reggae Marathon.  OK, it does take a little more than that.  Enjoying running is a good start.   Training...

A Few Friends

Reggae Marathon allows us to connect with a few friends.  Quite a few friends actually.  It starts at the Pasta Party, this year, Saturday...

Running and running

Running and running…isn’t that a good way to start the day?  We think so and so do many of the Reggae Marathon running family who...

Why I run
Why I run

Why I run?  That’s a question answered by Lori Saggers of Ontario, Canada.  “When we saw the the billboard in Negril last November, I...