December 3, 2023
2023 Registration Now Open!

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Getting to Negril

Getting to Negril can be as easy as sending an email to one of our Travel Package Partners and letting them do the rest.  Or you can...

Only Yesterday

It seems like only yesterday I ran my first Reggae Marathon. That was back in the day when the full Marathon course was one loop stretching out to...

A few running friends

Every year at Reggae Marathon we welcome back our running friends…and make new ones.  Here are a few from Reggae Marathon 2017! Until next...

A Lap Around
A Lap Around

Let’s take a lap around Reggae Marathon. A lap around Reggae Marathon means you’ve run 13.1 km’s, the Half Marathon.  For the 10...

Show us your pics

Show us your pics.  You can show us your Pecs as well…just keep them ‘Age Appropriate’ 🙂  We’ve got a few of our favourite...