December 3, 2023
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Author page: Reggae Marathon Runner Girl

6 Reasons to Run

I could add a 7th:  You meet the nicest people through running.  And even though we drive our spouses crazy when we obsess about our running...

Carbs: Good or Bad

Carbs.  Good or bad.  One year Carbs are bad…eliminate or significantly reduce them from your diet.  The next year, add them to your diet to...

Pre-run fuel up

I call it my pre-run fuel up.  The food I eat before I go running.  This is a major topic of discussion.   A couple of the issues: What should we...

Running for Beer

Running for beer?  I run for a lot of reasons:  To stay healthy, to achieve personal goals, to share stories with my running friends, for the...

3 Months to Go

Sunday, December 2 is the date for Reggae Marathon 2018.  That means we have 3 months to go.  A week-long vacation in Negril combined with a nice...