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Author page: Reggae Marathon Runner Girl

Roll Call

Reggae Marathon Roll Call!  Who’s coming to Reggae Marathon December 2, 2017?  So far we’ve heard from the following groups: Reggae...

Running to the music

I’m always running to music.  Even though I don’t regularly wear earbuds when running, I always here music. I like Reggae and my...

8 Months to Go

OK, I’m a little anxious…but it’s just over 8 months to Reggae Marathon, December 2 in Negril! At 5:15 am Race Director Frano...

2017 Fact Sheet

All the information you need for Reggae Marathon December 2 in Negril is available now in the 2017 Fact Sheet. The Reggae Marathon Race Weekend...

9 Months to Go

Only…9 months to go to Reggae Marathon, December 2 in Negril, Jamaica.  And it will be hard to follow my own advice to stay calm!  Eating...