Pack my bags

It’s time to pack my bags!  3 1/2 weeks to go to Reggae Marathon 2015, Saturday, December 5.  Here’s what I’ve assembled so far: Two pairs of Running Shoes.  One is slightly used and I’m dropping those off in the Running Shoe donation bin for kids without shoes. Two pairs of running socks.  I like the low-rise poly-pro technical socks. Running gear.  Short tights, 2 tops in ...[Read More]

Top 5 Training Tips

Everybody has a trainig tip.  Heck, I’ve received training tips from my non-running friends!  For any race…Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K…there are some basic things to stay focused on to have maximum enjoyment.  These are top 5 training tips for Marathons but they work equally well at other race distances: Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...[Read More]

Our favourite running blogs

We follow a lot of blogs about running as you may do as well.  These are some of our favourite running blogs: Black Girls Run.  This blog is about…well, Black Girls Running.   Toni Carey’s passion for health and fitness led to the co-creation of Black Girls RUN! with Ashley Hicks-Rocha, native of Evans, Georgia who attended and played soccer at Middle Tennessee State University in Murf ...[Read More]

Road to Reggae Marathon

We got the runs … on the road to Reggae Marathon.  ‘We Got The Runs’ in Kingston is back for Reggae Marathon 2015 and their Training Program has started.  Here are all the details: WGTR is staging the second Road to Reggae Marathon 2015, a 12 week training programme from September 15 to December 5 that aims to get runners ready for the big race in on December 5. Persons who are t ...[Read More]

Want to run faster?

Want to run raster?  Who doesn’t!  I’ve spent countless hours doing speed workouts, hill repeats and various other forms of running drills with the goal to run faster.  I’ve cross-trained in the gym using my favourie piece of equipment, an eliptical trainer.  I’ve done laps in the pool and cycled many miles.  The only thing I’m admittedly not fond of is weitht trainin ...[Read More]

How to run injury-free

As a long-time runner I’ve experienced pretty much every running injury.  From relatively minor injuries like shin splings and pulled calf muscles to more serious running injuries like Plantar Fasciitas and broken bones in my foot..a few years ago I even walked the Reggae Marathon 10K in a Walking Cast! In my younger days I was a carefree, even careless runner.  Now a bit older, I’ve b ...[Read More]

Pump you up

It’s time for a little running inspiration and motivation to pump you up.  Not that you need it of course…like me I know you love to get up early and go running every day. “For most of my life, lacing up for a run has been as much a part of my day as taking a shower… Just like many avid runners, I have found running to be the ultimate therapy. Running alone helps me sort th ...[Read More]

Running Injuries Causes and Symptoms

Piriformis Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Groin Pull … these are just a few running injuries and they can truly ruin your day! Before you can treat an injury effectively, you’ve got to identify the cause and symptoms.  And while we runners are great at self diagnosis, if you suffer an injury, always check with a physician or physical therapist so you don’t cause additional damage. ...[Read More]

10 essential Yoga poses for Runners

Do you do yoga?  You should.  Flexibility and strength are just two of the benefits of practicing yoga. And there are some specific poses that will benefit your running directly.  Start slowly but take a look at these 10 essential yoga poses for runners. We’d love to hear your experience with yogo and how it has benefited your running. Until next time… Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘T ...[Read More]

Kinesiology Tape … Does it work?

Kinesiology tape. It’s been around the 1970’s when it was inventeg in Japan and has been the rage for endurance athletes since the 2008 Olympics.  Originally used by elite runners, it’s now common for mid-pack runners like myself to sport brightly coloured tape.  Knees, calves, hamstrings and quads…all are target areas for kinesiology tape.  And those who tape up swear by t ...[Read More]